Winter 2008: Wave 4 is here at last!

Just in time for the holiday onslaught we present our fourth wave of dolls for the year 2008. This year’s dolls have been inspired by sources that range from the resorts of 1930s Riviera, to the outer limits of 1950s Sci-fi Venus. Our fourth wave is a return to Hollywood that includes the last installation in our ‘Color Deal’ series. With great accessories and flattering separates, our ‘Special Scene’ basics are three versions of the classic 1950s Sweater Girl with Madra, Gene and Violet reminding us just what IT is about, a shapely torso inside a soft knit that is so appealing. Gene channels a distant star from the past for Movielook magazine in ‘Olympia’ and protests her innocence in ‘Gilt-y Girl’, a costume from her early hit movie ‘Red Venus’.

Have you caught ‘Zita Fever’ yet? Having been introduced to her in the 1950s with ‘Azalea Ice’ at the convention in September, we travel back to her heyday with our club upgrade doll ‘Evening Mist’. We hate to play favorites among our stars, but Zita in the 30s is an absolute SMASH. Never has the past looked so smart. So join us this wonderful holiday season and ride our forth wave of glamorous movie star dolls. Perhaps if you ask Santa nicely you’ll find them under your tree on Christmas morning!

Click on the pictures below to find out more about each item and to discover Zita Charles!


The Girls from Dream City:
Introducing the 2008 Official Convention Collection!

Presenting the 2008 “Girls From Dream City” 13th annual Gene convention collection, an array of dolls and costumes inspired by four decades of fashion and at least three heavenly bodies. Our ‘movies’ include “Moon Over Orlando” , an early 1940s color confection of a musical staring Gene and Vee J. in some dreamy Technicolor frocks while “Distant Venus” focuses the mid-century mirror of fashion faraway on this distant planet and a 1930s influenced wardrobe fit for a queen (of outer space). More earth bound, but no less elegant, is the lovely ‘After Hours” collection featuring the slender styles and lean lines of daywear designed for the start of the sixth decade of the 20th Century. This is a collection based on dreams made real.

Click on the pictures below to view the exquisite pieces of this wonderful collection. Please note that some of these items are still available to purchase in our shopping cart, so why not complete your collection today?! (See individual items for availability).

Please note: the convention collection represents Wave 3 of the 2008 Gene and Friends collection.



Fall 2008: Ready to celebrate with a song? Violet's back!

With wave 3 and 4 on the horizon, this fall will mark the return of one of Gene's long time friends, Violet Waters. As an introductory offer, you can order Violet directly from us today - hurry, quantities are limited!

Click on the picture below to see this first Violet in all her glory!


The 2008 W Club Exclusive - Like music to the ears!

The W Club is your best source of information on anything Gene and the place to get some truly exquisite exclusive dolls! Introducing Rondelet, this year's exclusive W Club offering to Gene fans!

Click on the pictures below to find out more about this members only offer!


Introducing the Summer 2008 Collection - Color Deal Wave 2!

As previously outlined, this year we are changing the deal... We are offering smaller seasonal collections instead of one large lineup for the year! So with this said, we are proud to introduce our second installment, or "wave 2", of the Color Deal Collection. First we start with a delightful bouquet with Jonquille Madra, then we visit the Studio Wardrobe Department to get the latest "smart suit" for our new star Ivy "Vee J." Jordan to wear at her next press conference and last, we get a hold of Gene Marshall with her hot new hair style in Plum Role. A first for Gene Marshall, your favorite girl star... Check it out!

Click on the pictures below to find out more about each scrumptious item!

jonquilleplum rolespacer2sepia

Spotlight of the season

Madra Lord is ready for her spotlight! Ready to join Miss Lord on a tour that will be taking her to fabulous new places? Here's your chance! Click below to find out more about the 2008 Fan Appreciation Tour and how to get a chance to purchase the ultra limited 2008 Tour Doll, Rivera Romp Madra Lord!


Spring 2008: Madra's season to shine!

This year all of our stars are getting the deluxe color treatment starting with the ‘Color Deal’ girls. For all you collectors who have wanted more color in the collection, we’ve created a group of dolls and fashions for Gene and her friends inspired by the color-saturated productions of the early 1950s. From basic dolls up, we’ve cornered the color-wheel with our ‘Color Deal’. The focus of our first mini-collection this year is Madra Lord, finally getting the star billing she so richly deserves with our ‘Postcard From Cannes’ suite. We’re presenting Madra during the early 1930s as a major star in her own right, long before Gene Marshall accidently steals her spotlight. Dressed in a collection of achingly beautiful 30s’ styles, Madra sports fashions that range from dressy slacks and hats to drop-dead gorgeous evening ensembles. Throw in a few furs and a liberal dose of diamante’ and you’ve got a “Postcard From Cannes” that you’ll save forever.

Click on the images below to discover this Spring stylish offerings!


Introducing the first exclusive of 2008 - Ivy "Vee J." Jordan!

A new friend for Gene and Madra? About time! This totally smart and feminine leading lady is Gene Marshall's best friend. A long awaited character, Ivy finally makes her first appearance in doll form. This exquisite Ivy doll was exclusively available to all customers who purchased an “upgraded” Gold or Platinum membership for the 2008 calendar year of the W Club (membership now closed for the year).

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